Privacy Policy

Basic Policy on the Appropriate Handling of Personal Information

1. Name of Business Company

UEX, Ltd. (the y"Company")

2. Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations, Guidelines, etc.

Concerning the handling of personal information, the Company shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and relevant cabinet orders and ministerial ordinances, guidelines, etc.

3. Purposes of Use

The Company shall use provided personal information for the following purposes:

(1) Business partners

  • Execution of transactions including, without limitation, the sale and purchase of goods, with companies and public agencies which have business relationships with the Company
  • Business communications, etc. associated with the above

(2) Shareholders

  • Exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations under the Companies Act.
  • Provision of a variety of special services by an issuing company to those with shareholder status
  • Management of shareholders including, without limitation, the creation of data on shareholders according to the prescribed standards under various laws and regulations

(3) Name lists for companies, public agencies, organizations, etc. (including those commercially available)

  • Communications with the persons in question on the name list

(4) Publicity-related

  • Response to inquiries made to the Company

(5) Use of computer system

  • Issuance, modification, and deletion of IDs so that the Company’s system and the services furnished by the Company through the system (hereinafter called the "Services") may be used.
  • Communications with, and notice to, users concerning the use of the Services.
  • Management of the use of the Services (including security management).
  • Confirmation and inquiries concerning the details of data, etc. registered by a user through the use of the Services.
  • Use incidental to the above.

4. Provision to Third Parties

The Company shall, in principle, provide no personal data without the consent of the person in question, unless:

  • procedures for providing data to a third party based on an opt-out policy are taken;
  • outsourcing, succession to business, or shared use is made; or
  • otherwise it is unnecessary to obtain the consent of the person in question under the law.

5. Joint Use

The Company may jointly use personal data as follows:

(1) Items of personal data which are jointly used

  • Personal information on the officers and employees of the Company, subsidiaries, and business partners concerning contact addresses in business including, without limitation, their names, departments, and posts, and the addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of the places of work.

(2) Persons for whom joint use is allowed

  • The Company, subsidiaries, and business partners

(3) Purpose of use

  • Business communications among the Company, subsidiaries, and business partners.
  • Notices concerning the goods of the Company and subsidiaries.

(4) Name of the person responsible for the management of personal data jointly used

  • Management of personal data concerning the officers and employees of the Company: UEX, Ltd.
  • Management of personal data concerning the officers and employees of subsidiaries and business partners: each subsidiary and business partner

6. Matters Concerning Security Management Measures

The Company shall separately establish and comply with the Personal Information Handling Regulations in order to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or loss of, or damage to, or otherwise to appropriately manage, personal data.

7. Handling of Outsourcing

The Company may entrust the personal information under our custody to a third party. In this case, we, according to the Act, properly conduct the necessary supervision on the third party.

8. Continuous Improvement

The Company shall endeavor to make continuous improvements in the handling of personal information, etc.

9. Matters Concerning the Disclosure of, and Inquiries on, Personal Data Held

If the Company is requested by the person in question or his/her agent to disclose the personal data held, the Company shall respond without delay, except in the event:

  • that the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the person in question or a third party are likely to be damaged;
  • that the proper implementation of the Company’s business is likely to be materially hindered; or
  • of violation of laws and regulations.

For any inquiry concerning the disclosure of personal data held or any question or complaint concerning the handling of personal data held by the Company, please refer to:

UEX, Ltd.
General and Personnel Affairs Team, General Affairs Department
Telephone No. 81-3-5460-6500 (rep)