Cutting Services

Isehara Steel Service Center No.1

Equipped with dry plasma, water plasma and laser cutting machines as well as shearing machines to provide various processing services for small to large products to meet user needs.

Dry Plasma Cutting Machine

Cutting thickness of 2 to 200 mm, 3,200 mm wide and 15,000 mm long.
The machine is equipped with 400 Amp (2 to 80 mm) and 600 Amp (85 to 200 mm) torches, providing for cutting thickness of up to 200 mm. We are the only distributor in Japan providing such capacity.

Water plasma cutting machine

Cutting thickness of 6 to 60 mm, 3,250 mm wide and 14,600 mm long. Cutting is performed in water, which reduces the thermal impact on objects, and solves environmental issues such as noise and dust.
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Laser Cutting Machine

Cutting thickness of 0.5 to 25 mm (1.5 to 16 mm for titanium), 3,500 mm wide and 19,500 mm long.
Laser machines stand out for their high precision.

Isehara Steel Service Center No.2

Equipped with saw cutting and milling machines and a flat steel production line, etc.; while the main types of processing are cutting and molding. Also equipped with a superhard circular saw cutting machine for precise cutting with very small tolerance. The flat steel production line allows for a shot blast finish.

Vertical Band Saw

Cutting thickness of 5 to 500 mm, 3 to 2,438 mm wide and 2,500 mm long. In addition to vertical cutting machine for steel plates, the center is also equipped with a general-use horizontal cutting machine.

Milling Machine

BXR430NC: cutting thickness of 20 to 150 mm, 20 to 430 mm wide and 20 to 430 mm long.
BXR150SF: cutting thickness of 6 to 52 mm, 6 to 150 mm wide and 7 to 150 mm long.
The installed equipment also includes a vertical milling machine and an EG milling machine for joggling, counterboring and drilling.

Flat Bar Line

Cutting thickness of 3 to 12 mm, 20 to 200 mm wide and 6,000 mm long. Provides quick processing from rolling to a shot blast finish.

Material Storage No.2

Adequate stock is maintained to immediately respond to demand.

Titanium Plates

In addition to common titanium Type 2, our inventory includes plates made of titanium Type 1 and special materials such as Pd. Plate thickness ranges from 0.6 to 50 mm and from 1,000 to 2,438mm wide, with stock exceeding 100 tons all the time.

Mishima Steel Service Center

The inventory includes round bars, seamless pipes and welded pipes, etc., from top manufacturers in Japan. A fine-tuned response to customers’ requests is ensured through 12-hour-a-day operation.

Pulse Cutting Band Saw PCSAW720

Cutting outer diameter of φ290 to 720 mm.
Pulse cutting enables high-speed, high-precision and low-noise operation. Operation with linked roller conveyers allows processing of heavy materials.

Case Drawer-type Storage Rack for Long Size Items

405 shelves in total. Up to 1 ton storable per shelf. The case drawer-type design reduces the manpower needed for storing operation as well as risks of material bend. Up to 200 tons can also be stored on deck.

"Toku-Toku" Rack System

Racks with separable front and back sections can accommodate various types of long materials. Special lifting tools make it possible to move racks using only a floor-operated crane, eliminating the need for slinging and high stacking of racks.

Titanium Round Bars and Pipes

In addition to common titanium Type 2, our inventory includes round bars and pipes made of a wide range of materials including Grade 5 titanium and titanium for implants, with the outer diameter varying from 4 to 300 mm.